Team Contacts

Team Contacts

The WKPP has directly and indirectly influenced technical diving gear design and configuration, diver training and fitness, all the while setting new records for cave exploration at depths over 300 feet.

Volunteer Applicants

Divers or non-divers interested in participating with or supporting the efforts of the WKPP should contact Project Coordinators Steve Cox or Blake Wilson via e-mail. Please see email contact information at the bottom of this page. Divers must be FULL CAVE certified from a qualified agency PLUS 100 dives beyond certification to actively participate in team diving activities. Primary support diving activities are conducted using open-circuit, backmount configuration. Divers must also have a Technical diving certification from a qualified agency covering Nitrox and Helium based breathing mixture use along with decompression planning. DPV certification is also strongly encouraged. Applications are evaluated throughout the year. Applicants are required to submit member profile, authorization forms, releases, copies of cave and tech cards and proof of DAN Master Insurance. Membership is considered based upon meeting the training requirements, having a positive team focused attitude, availability for project events and areas of expertise for non-diving members (IT, geology, biology, archeology, hydrogeology, video/photo, etc).  New diver members will be expected to participate in orientation activities with team members for several months to cover support procedures, equipment configuration, site protocol and skills specific to WKPP activities. This commitment is necessary to ensure the new diver has the skills and information necessary to safely support team operations. General questions may be forwarded to

Please email WKPP Project Director Casey McKinlay ( for required diver paperwork forms and releases.

Team Contacts



Email Address

Phone Number

Casey McKinlay Project Director N/A
Steve Cox Project Coordinator N/A
Blake Wilson Project Coordinator N/A
Jarrod Jablonski Training Director
Dr. David Doolette Safety Officer
Dr. Chris Werner Science Director
Dr. John Rose Project Cartographer 803-777-2405
James Garrett Communication Coordinator
AJ Gonzales Membership Coordinator
Lauren Fanning Media Coordinator
John Adair Legal Advisor

Woodville Karst Plain Project